Jeffers, E. (2015). Unmasking the “flim flam”: The faces and money behind the post-Katrina education reforms. The New Orleans Tribune, 31(5).

Below are the various sub-links that were attached to the articles. Please credit all links and sub-links to Elizabeth K. Jeffers.

Jeffers, E. (2015). Top national players in education reform. The New Orleans Tribune, 31(5), pp. 8-10.

Walton Family

Bill & Melinda Gates

Eli and Edythe Broad

John & Laura Arnold

Michael Bloomberg & Family

Aspen Institute

Doris and Donald Fisher Family

Teach For America

New Schools Venture Fund

The New Teacher Project (TNTP)

Ford Foundation

Stand for Children

Jeffers, E. (2015). All politics are local: Top local players. The New Orleans Tribune 31(5), pp. 14-16.

The Rex Organization and Pro Bono Publico Foundation

Rosenthal-Jacobs Family

The Usdin Family

New Schools for New Orleans

The Reily Family & The Reily Foundation

Greater New Orleans Foundation

Greater New Orleans Education Foundation

The Bayou District Foundation

Lane Grigsby, Grigsby Family and Cajun Industries